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I'm very agitated, becauso we will make our honeymoon in 18 days. This journey will be our biggest tour we ever done. I'm so very very lucky. We will fly to New York, we check in to the Aida chip. Than per chip we will drive to Baltimore, Charleston, Miami, Ocho Rios, Nassau, Santo Domingo and La Romana. We will diving in Jamaika and I hope there is no shark. I have galeophobia, so sharks are my fear.
I hope I will see wunderful coral reef.
I be glad that I can do wunderful pictures - that journey will be the happiest, biggest, best and most amazing tour we ever done, I'm so really really lucky and I cry for luck!


Zoom - zoological garden

Last weekend we visited the zoom. It was so a nice day, and I have took many great pictures. Enjoy it....


cats with invisible things

I found a very funny side in the net:
enjoy it!

My favorite pictures are these:

Eric Eichery

This is "Eric Eichery". In our last flat came this little visiter regular to our balcony to pick up nuts. It was so wonderfull because the squirrel is so sweet and cute. If we sat still the Eric came in our flat, ha was really trusting. I remember this time and I'm happy that I have done this experience. Now we are living in an other flat and we have cats.

I need help

I've got a problem. If I want to upload a picture, the default adjustment of Wight and Height is too small. When I rise the numbers the picture will be blurred. But if I don't shift then the picture is too small.
What can I do?

the most wonderful day in my life

On the 6th march 2010 we married in Cologne with all friends and family. It was a wunderfull day and I say thanks to all guests - they make it indescribable.


one year ago

Today I remember the month when we get the two little cats. They were totally scrubbily ant there ears are too big for the little dead - that looks soo funny.

lovely sleeping cats

Leeloo loves my cane chair.

If I put down a bag from Ikea, it takes one moment then lays one of my to cats under the bag and shroud themself.